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        Welcome to The Wise Handyman – the internet’s leading resource on the tools you need to get stuff done around the house. We create in-depth buying guides for the various tools of the trade so that you can rest assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Each guide we produce is based not only on our authors’ years of expertise (we only hire expert reviewers), but on product testing and comprehensive, in depth research. Sure, it may be overkill to spend over 30 hours writing a guide, but after all, it’s our mission to get you the best tool for the job and that’s what it takes. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

        Featured Tool Review Guides

        Best Weed Eater / Spring Trimmers

        Whether you’re a career landscaper or a casual DIYer, a weed eater is a crucial tool of the trade. We’ve done the hard work for you, bringing you the best electric and gas powered string trimmers on the market.

        Best Riding Lawn Mowers

        There’s no quicker way to get a lawn cut than a good riding lawn mower. Here we break down the best riding mowers for your and the needs of your lawn. From tractor style to zero turn, we cover it all.

        Best Leaf Blowers

        In this in-depth guide, we break down the different types of leaf blowers on the market and the best of each category. From backpack style to battery-powered, we cover it all.

        Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

        If you have bushes that need taming, you’re going to need a hedge trimmer. These days cordless hedge trimmers tend to be the best for most homeowners, so we’ve gone ahead and found the best ones for you.

        Best Push Lawn Mowers

        Every DIYer with a lawn needs a push mower (even if you already have a riding mower). We break down the best push mowers on the market, including a couple electric options!

        Best 4 Stroke Weed Eaters

        Two stroke engines are a pain – blue smoke, mixing oil, and that awful high-pitched sound. So, we went ahead and researched the best 4-stroke weed eaters there are available today.

        Articles and How To Guides


        Mowing the lawn is enjoyable when you have a small riding mower, especially when you have a large yard. Riding lawn mowers are becoming more common because they are well made, easy to care for, and affordable.  The best small riding lawn mowers have the...


        Pre-emergent herbicides are an important part of a weed control plan for any property. A pre-emergent herbicide works by stopping weeds before or during germination so that they never get a chance to come up. If you can stop weeds this way, then you'll spend less time...


        Theres a reason the phrase growing like a weed is so popular. Weeds can pop up practically anywhere! Unfortunately, weeds arent just unsightly; they can also inhibit the growth of grass, garden vegetables, and other vegetation you want to cultivate. Weed killers...

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